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Yoga Deepening Circle 6 – Isvara pranidhana (dedication to the ideal of yoga)

Part 6 of a 10-part invitation to inquiry centred on the yamas and niyamas described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  The full series is available at

Isvara pranidhana (dedication to the ideal of yoga) (niyama – Patanjali II.32 and II.45)

“Through orientation toward the ideal of pure awareness, one can achieve integration.”  (Hartranft)

“The perfection of pure contemplation comes from the dedication to the Lord of Yoga.” (Stoler Miller)

“Contemplation and its powers are attained through worship of God.” (Bouanchard)

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Letting go…

hand_over_waterIn a moment of frustration and discomfort about some yoga asana or other, I once asked Nancy Gilgoff “how much of this yoga practice is about surrender?”.  “Most of it” she casually replied.  At the time it raised a smile.   Many years later it still does, although my understanding of quite how much there is to let go continues to deepen. Read more →