Cranio-sacral therapy or ‘cranial work’ is a very gentle yet powerful form of bodywork that has evolved out of the discipline of osteopathy. The aim of the work is to enhance the body’s inherent health and healing processes through accessing states of deep relaxation and stillness. Clients have reported benefits in relation to a wide range of physical and psychological conditions.

What is a session like?

After a short discussion period, the client lies fully clothed on a bodywork table while the practitioner places their hands very lightly on their feet. The practitioner ‘listens’ to the client’s system and after a time may move to a different location, perhaps the head, sacrum or another part of the body. Client’s often feel very relaxed during and following the session. Although there is usually limited conversation during the sessions, the practitioner checks in periodically to draw the client’s attention to any sensations that may be present or to make sure that the contact is appropriate. The client is also encouraged to raise any sensations / experiences with the practitioner as they arise. Often a short discussion will complete the session which will typically last about 45-50 minutes.

What conditions is it useful for?

The goals of cranial work have been described as “to make you feel – open in the heart, clear in the head and free in the body”.  Cranial work has been effective in treating a very wide range of physical and psycho-emotional traumas, illnesses and conditions. The work supports your innate healing ability, enhancing physical and emotional health.  Western medicine has led us to become accustomed to linking one symptom with one intervention (‘if you’ve got that problem – take this pill’).  Craniosacral therapy enhances and supports the human system as a whole and hence has much wider application than may seem immediately obvious.

It has been used successfully for the alleviation of long term pain, to help deal with anxiety and depression, the physical and emotional symptoms of stress or trauma, and as a support therapy for those undergoing intensive western therapeutic treatments such as cancer care.  If you are unsure as to whether you could benefit from cranio-sacral therapy by all means contact us.