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This workshop provides an overview of the yogic concept of Panchakosha – the five sheaths of existence.  We will consider a variety of ways of thinking and talking about the five sheaths linked to yoga asana practice and teaching.


  • Overview of the Panchakosha concept and its origins in the Taittiriya Upanishad
  • Asana, pranayama and meditation based exploration of each of the five sheaths.
  • Consideration of the integration and interrelationships of the five sheaths
  • Personal and group assessments of the five sheaths in the context of asana – learning to recognise limitations and opportunities in ourselves and each other
  • Using awareness of the five sheaths to guide and tailor yoga practice – for ourselves and our students

Who is this workshop for?

This day is aimed at anyone interested in the wider aspects of yoga and how to engage personally with philosophical concepts.  It will provide an opportunity to explore why such concepts might be helpful in yoga practice, teaching and life in general.  It will also give the possibility to learn a very personal way to engage with asana.

No pre-requisite studies in yoga philosophy or Ayurveda are required.

Workshop format

This 1-day workshop (typically 10am-4pm with 5 hours teaching time) contains a mix of tutor presentation, group discussion and practical exploration involving individual asana practice and group work.

Recommended maximum numbers for this workshop are 30 participants.

Tutor biography

Ade works as a Rolfer, Craniosacral Therapist, and Yoga teacher in Henfield, West Sussex.

Ade in his natural habitat

Ade in his natural habitat

His yoga story is centred around a daily ashtanga yoga practice begun in 2000 and involving extensive periods studying with Nancy Gilgoff at her home in Maui.  Latterly, he has also been influenced by teachings inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli through explorations with Suzi Daw in Brighton.  He was blessed to study the Dharma with Sonia Moriceau up until her death in 2013.

He completed the BWY Diploma in 2004.  From then until 2014 he taught from a converted barn in the Black Mountains of South Wales.  His bodywork studies and practice deeply inform his teaching, which continues from his new home in Sussex and via workshops in the UK and Switzerland.

He is a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals and a BWY CPD tutor.  He has been teaching workshops and extended programmes for yoga students since 2006.

Booking this workshop

To discuss availability, fees and partnership delivery options please contact ade@bodybeing.co.uk

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For those who have already attended this workshop, the following downloads may be useful:

Workshop handout

Extract from draft of Ade’s book ‘Yoga Bones’